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 1. Tag your Music with the Title, Artist, and Album


2. Please do not submit albums or Mixtapes.  Songs must be between 2:30-5.00 minutes. Songs will not be modified by 4U1RADIO to meet radio standard. 

3. Music sent electronically is preferred. Each Hard copy received will be distributed at Marketing Opportunities as gifts labeled NFS (Not For Sale).

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4.  4U1RADIO will not provide formatting services for songs sent in any format that is not an MP3.
5. You must have authorization to distribute your music. 4U1RADIO  is not liable If you get caught distributing music you did not purchase, lease or own. Labeling "I do not own the rights to this music" for air play in your tag is unacceptable. If your leases expire it's up to you to contact 4U1RADIO to have your music pulled to avoid legal issues.


This is Christ Centered Music, not "suggestive" not "inspiration" not "positive"... "We say Jesus in our Lyrics" Hands down. No profanity what-so-ever. All music is reviewed before radio play. The name Jesus doesn't have to be in every song but the message can't be so watered down that no one knows who or what the song is about. 

4U1RADIO  is good music specific. Not Genre Specific, so don't quench the Holy Spirit.  

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