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to the child I already love. My Isaiah 54:1

Go to work, don't be lazy do not make me say it twice: Genesis 2:15, Proverbs 10:1, Ecclesiastes 5:18

Don't lose a job because you can't get to work. Speak up and Carpool. It's okay to ask in an interview, orientation or Human Resources Dept if the company has a ride share program or public transportation resource. Many companies also offer carpooling as way to help their employees. Use the resources they have created to support you. If they hired you they believe in you, and they want you to make it.

Companies By certain laws can not discriminate, yet many people have experienced discrimination. Do not let what they did discourage you from reaching the top. Your vision is yours, stay grounded, focused and anchored in the truth. Sometimes "No" if even if discrimination is the reason for the "No" can mean "Not a Good Fit," "Not the right route," or "Not the right time."But if you have a dream don't generalize all companies on the actions of a few. Get up and get back into the job force your vision isn't going to support itself. Remember your job is your basic steady stream of capital to fund your true mission in life. Your life doesn't revolve around your job- your job is tool that helps you work your dream into fruition. So do your best, but leave some "YOU" for your future to enjoy. Don't make your job your life if you lose a hammer you just go get another one and keep building!

THE HIGH TURN OVER HUSTLE Don't rely on jobs with high turn over rates. Basic training classes are not designed to prepare you for long term commitments when they only offer basic instructions that don't aid in supporting high standards. They set you up to fail. You do a workload that qualifies you for the job and then all of a sudden the same workload is not enough to keep you hired on. It's confusing and bad for your self esteem. If they have high standards and unrealistic quotas, unreasonable demands, plus a base pay that is not a livable wage in your city- you are BEING hustled. Why are they still in business? Because you keep working there LOL, don't be a hamster. Protect your mind and your Self Esteem, and take a stand. You are capable, teachable, employable and unique. Get a job that sees that. Get to work for a company that is looking for someone like you.

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