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About Us

4U1RADIO is a Ministry Organization, we are not a Church. 

While we Hope to reach 10,000 listeners daily, we are simply an extended Support System comprised of a community of people unified in the belief that renewing your mind daily renews a right spirit within you. Here, we are about exceeding the limitations, so we don't have a target demographic; who ever tunes in- is the intended audience! If you benefit from listening to 4U1RADIO or the services on the site, all of this was 4U!  


4U1RADIO is like a "Services site for the Soul"(with awesome music while you browse.)


We hope to slow down and stop the progression of mental illness and emotional instability by providing positive reinforcement. Everything we showcase is intended to encourage the listener to be ok with healing, overcoming difficulties, developing endurance, growing in character, giving or receiving love, and maximizing their potential! We do this with time, music, resources and constant testimonials of success. 


4U1RADIO is "The Platform."


And, Since we are "The Platform," you might as well launch. Here, as an extended local and global support system, we've come together to encourage you to exceed the limitations put on your life.  

So thank you for Listening to

And have a great Day.

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